For 2018's summer reading theme "LIBRARIES ROCK!", Caravan will bring your patrons to the past, present and future! Our puppet musicals bring children into music and creativity with interactive songs, enticing stories and puppets!


  Join us on a musical puppet journey back to the time of the dinosaurs. Jurassic Journey includes interactive songs, a wide variety of exciting dino puppets, and loads of interaction!


We perform this story as a:

Duo - Caravan's classic team

Six Person Show! - If you want to REALLY rock your Library!



The Delightful tale of the year of a young bear with memorable songs, beautiful puppets, storytelling and movement.

Big Bear

Little Bear



"Astonaut Alta" takes epic trip to the moon! This fact filled fantasy comes complete with interactive music, spaceships and (some of our wildest puppets!) aliens!