Featuring great heroes in multi cultural stories and from our lives! 

In "HEROE’S", great characters from literature come alive (well.... puppet life)! With beautiful puppets, humor and interaction, children (of all ages!) learn what heroes are, how heroes are all around us, and how THEY can be HEROES!

The Lion and The Mouse

Giant Lion scorns the tiny mouse, till only mouse can help him. 






The Little Engine That Could

 In Caravan’s interpretation of this beloved  tale, the little engine overcomes doubts and fears to bring to toys to the children on the other side of the mountain.


Pegasus - Our heroes, Bellerophon and the beautiful winged horse Pegasus  team up to rid the land of the terrible Chimera.



Tokoyo – A brave girl rescues her grandfather from a sea monster in this classic Japanese fairy tale.


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