Jewish Programs

Caravan has a strong, and long-standing connection to jewish folklore and education.

As well as decades of performances, Jonathan Keezing has taught music for the preschoolers at the Springfield (MA) JCC for more than a decade. This has provided a fantastic opportunity to keep on ongoing connection to a group of kids (performers don't often get this!) and to develop repertoire.

Our varied, and ever-growing Jewish programing brings us to a wide variety of Jewish audiences, and settings regularly. We love learning about, teaching, and creating programs within Judaism's rich traditions.


Naomi and Ruth (Shavuot Stories)





"Bulbis" the potato marionette!


We have programs available for:

Folk Tales and Literature:

      Tales From Bubbes Kitchen (preK - 3rd grades) - Wondrous Jewish folk-tales for younger children.

      Yankel The Dreamer (3rd - 6th grades) - Our folk-tales collection for older elementary audiences.

     Shalom and Motl - Our Sholom Aleichem program explores the immigrant experience. This program is a perfect pick for festivals and large events.


     Kindness and Forgiveness -  Tales For Rosh Hashana, The High Holy Days and Yom Kippur.

     Lets Make A Sukkah! - Our harvest celebration which includes building a "puppet Sukkah in two minutes!

      Latkes For Everyone! - A Hanukkah celebration with folktales, contemporary tales, and yiddish song!

     The RACE From Egypt!  - Caravan’s lighthearted telling of the Passover story. With original songs and LOADS of puppets!

      Hurray For Esther! - Our joyful, interactive, VERY SILLY Purim Spiel. Featuring original puppets and songs!

     Shavuot Stories - Celebrating Shavuot with tales of new beginings, wisdom and love.