Where classic children's literature come's alive!

Caravan brings beloved children’s stories and characters to the puppet stage.

Some stories are interactive, some hilarious all have positive messages!  Selections (4-5 stories in a production) can be drawn from the following stories (below). We can also borrow from our huge collection of skits to streamline the program to your theme!


Fox and the Grapes – A hilarious take of Aesop’s fable presented with glove and finger puppets.

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel –  Caravan’s telling of one of the great diggers in children’s literature.

The Little Engine That Could –  In Caravan’s take on Watty Piper’s beloved  story, the little engine overcomes doubts and fears to bring to toys to the children on the other side of the mountain.

Anansi and the Phantom Food – Greedy Anansi the Spider learns not to always chase after what he doesn’t have. 

MOMOTARO, THE PEACH BOY - An elderly couple wish for a child comes true when they find a baby inside of a peach. The boy, Momotaro, saves Japan from the demons and rewards his parents for their generosity. One of Japan's best known folk tales

The Three Little Pigs – Totally interactive!  A classic fairytale performed with a large dose of silliness. 

The Boy Who Drew Cats – A boy follows his dreams and saves his village in this classic Japanese tale. Told with shadow puppets.

Miss Rumpius – Barbara Cooney’s  tale of how Miss Rumphius finds her own way to “make the world a better place!” told with Caravan’s suitcase finger puppet stage. 



120_1843 - Version 3

Mary Anne the steam shover races the sun in "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel"

The Little Engine That Could.


The Three Little Pigs