Puppet Shows

 The joys of discovering/sharing great tales, developing shows, making puppets, and writing music has inspired us to create a huge repertoire of shows.


Aesop’s Fables - Classic fables, told with heart, humor and beautiful puppets!

Around the World  - A magical trip around the world with multi-cultural folktales!

Four Season Bear - The delightful tale of the year of a young bear. Told with music and colorful puppets.

From Page To Stage - Favorites from children's literature brought to the puppet stage!

Getting Along (Social Skills/ anti bullying) Stories to help children... get along!

Our Flying Friends - From birds to dinosaurs to mythology... our celebration of flying creatures and imaginations!

Heroes! Celebrating heroes in multi cultural folklore and in our lives!

Jurassic To Mammoth!  Our Dinosaur puppet musical! Featuring memorable music, many puppets and a great tale for dino lovers of all ages!

Jurassic Journey - Caravan's duo performs the tale of Professor Diggins journey back in time with energetic music, beautiful puppets/visuals, and loads of dinosaur facts!

Journey To The Moon! - Astronaut Alta takes an epic journey to the moon in our fact-filled musical fantasy!

Timeless Tales - Caravan's "best of" collection of folktales, myths fairy tales.






HOLIDAYS including:

   Halloween - Tales of inexplicable mystery to celebrate the Halloween season!

   Winter Holiday’s/ The Season Of Lights - Multi cultural tales (secular) of winter celebrations around the world

Non-Secular themes:

     Tales from Jewish traditions

     Tales from Muslim traditions

      Tales from Christian traditions



Our large repertoire (we love of finding new tales!) has enabled us to create many programs for requested themes and settings. Custom programs include (a partial list):

Our World:

      Animals All Around!

      Foody Tales - Stories to celebrate good eating habits, and good food!

      We Love Our Pets! 

      Ocean Stories

      Campground Tales