Puppetry Residencies

Caravan’s Puppetry residencies offers a great overview of puppetry. Students learn about puppetry's traditions (with examples), make puppets, create, and perform original puppetry skits.

We have had great success in conducting and writing Mass Cultural Council STARS Residencies. Please contact us to explore possibilities.

We work with students to design a wide a variety puppets including: stick puppets, shadow puppets, marionettes, hand puppets, masks, finger puppets, rod puppets and giant puppets. Puppet making helps students develop small motor skills, learn craft techniques and develop their sense of form, design. 

Residencies can include many other activities including creating skits, creative movement, puppet manipulation techniques, parades, performances and making props and backgrounds. Stories can be drawn from curriculum (language arts, social studies, history, etc). Students, or the school, keep what they make!



For Massachusetts schools.





" Jonathan and Karen! You both have a wonderful way with the children. You respect their ideas and encourage their creative. The sequence of the sessions taught them much about puppetry. They loved the opening show each week." Teacher, Belcher School Chicopee MA"





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