All over the world, people light the long winter nights with celebration. The Season of Lights celebrates of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Chinese New Years, Diwali, and the Muslim holiday, Eid ul Fitr with (non secular) tales of wonder and light! Some stories are highly interactive, some hilarious all have positive messages.


The Sleeping Dragon - Little dragon tries to wake the biggest dragon. With audience help, a whisper works where all else fails. With hand puppets and a unique lap puppet. Chinese New Years/ China

Candy - A humorous tale where a wise man helps a boy, and himself stop eating too much candy. With rod and hand puppets.  Egypt

Anansi and the Phantom Food – Greedy Anansi the Spider learns to appreciate what he has. Kwanssa/ An African folk-tale

The Chickens Egg - A clever chicken convinces a farmer’s wife to return its egg. With hand puppets. An interactive tale, India

Bulbis - A classic Yiddish song featuring a giant dancing marionette potato puppet. Students operate the puppet and learn the Yiddish word for potato. Hanukkah/Russia

Sing A Long – Sharing a “newer classic” Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer encourages children to sing along provides an example of a modern American tradition. Christmas/ USA







The Dragon Awakens



"Bulbis" (yiddish for potato) the potato marionette!



Anansi The Spider and the Pineapple Guy!