Smaller Puppet Workshops

Workshops are a single session event that provides a fun, thoughtful introduction to puppetry.  In some workshops, students create performances. EVERY participant makes and keeps their puppet!

We often present workshops in conjunction with a performance. For these programs, we like to have particiapants use their puppets in the show!

Puppet making can involves creating simple hand, rod, shadow or finger puppets. Puppet size and complexity will vary with student’s age and workshop length.







Giant Puppet Workshops and Residencies

(5th grade - adult groups)

Small teams/classes work together to create giant cloth or papier mache puppet(s).  The project involves loads of teamwork, creativity, problem solving.  These puppets can be very impressive in plays, parades or as stand-alone art!

Giant puppet workshops can be a great fit for many group or classroom settings, including: single or combined classes, extended day settings and multi - age groups, parades and dramatic productions.


Middle Schoolers (papier mache) puppets on parade!


Decorating cloth bodies


Ready for action!