Yankel The Dreamer

Caravan continues exploring the wonderful world of Jewish Folklore, biblical tales, and parables. Audiences are treated to a wide diversity of puppets and puppetry styles with beautiful staging and original music. Some stories are highly interactive: all have positive messages!

Some of the stories from our ever-growing collection include:

The Fox in the Vineyard - In this story from the midrash, the greedy fox tries to sneak into the vineyard, but it costs him more to get the grapes than they are worth! from the midrash.

David And The Spider - David learns that all creatures are here for a reason when a little spider protects him from danger. 

The Snake in the Wall - Rabbi Akiva’s daughter learns that good deeds are rewarded.

Yankel the Dreamer. All Yankel wants is wealth! he follows his dreams, and learns the importance of wealth is to be generous.