Creative Movement

“Creative Movement” class uses movement for physical conditioning as well as a learning tool to enhance curriculum for a variety of subjects including language arts, science, history and social studies.

Curriculum can be developed through a wide variety of sources including classroom studies, classic children’s literature, social studies, poetry and storytelling.

In each session, students “move” through a story or a scenario. This can include moving like subjects (animals, cars, monsters, wind, or people) and acting out the story’s physical activity. Lessons will encourage students to think creatively, which, when combined with physical activity helps re-inforce the subject matter at deeper levels than simply rote learning.

These age-appropriate lessons (K- 3rd grades) often incorporate a variety of learning modalities, including musical concepts (rhythm/songwriting), visual arts, drama, poetry and social skills (teamwork/problem solving along with anti-bullying techniques).

In each class, students “travel” through various scenarios where subjects (see above) are combined with creativity, team work and LOTS of movement! Students are often asked to make creative choices in the lesson, such as composing an original song, poem or movement. Exercises often involve teamwork and decision-making. For instance, students designed a maze then moved through it in a class on the story of the Minotaur.

As a learning tool, “Creative Movement” is extremely flexible. Past themes, which lasted for six months to a year have included:

“Time Travelers” – exploring history. Lessons were often tied in with ongoing curriculum, adding depth to classroom lessons.
“Treasure Search”- Students travelled to outer space, the bottom of the sea, and the Saharan Desert in search of a “hidden treasure”. This year’s program touched on creative writing, fine arts and problem-solving along with natural sciences and history.

“Language Arts” – Curriculum was drawn from the classroom’s weekly vocabulary which strengthened the ongoing classroom language arts program.

A”Creative Movement” teacher training workshop is also available.

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