Your puppets are beautiful! The children seemed to really enjoy the show. It's rare that they're so engaged for the whole performance!.

(Summer 2021) “Anansi and the Snake”.

(Summer 2020) The Three Little Pigs

(Summer 2020) Pegasus!

(Summer 2020,) The Sleeping Dragon (A Chinese legend)!

“Tokoyo” from “TALES OF TRAILS!”

Jonathan and Karen could not have been any better. Children and parents alike were thrilled with the performance. The program was engaging, educational, and truly interactive. The puppets were a treat to look at. He explained how many of the puppets were made with found objects. The following Storytime two sisters each brought a puppet they had made. Their grandmother said that one of the girls had seen an open pod on the ground and declared it to be a pig’s nose. Their puppets were imaginative and completely inspired by Caravan!

2019’s “Journey To The Moon!”

Mike Mulligan from 2017’s “Build A Better World!” them.

Foxy from 2016’s summer reading show “Ready…. Set…. SHOW”

The Little Engine That Could! from from 2015’s “Hero's” show.

A butterfly from 2013’s “BEING GREEN”

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