Early Childhood Programs

A Gentle Introduction To Puppetry

Jonathan Keezing first worked with children as a part time preschool teacher. He quickly realized that circle time was his favorite classroom activity. As he had a child coming, Jonathan decided that it was time to get a SERIOUS job! Being a sensible man he took circle time activites and turned them into Caravan Puppets!

We have a deep experiential understanding of how to welcome young children into a puppet show with age appropriate productions, colorful puppets and loads of interaction.

Since 1991 Caravan has performed thousands of programs.

Glowing references readily available!

We bring beautiful staging and an clear sound system.

We are happy to perform for smaller or larger groups….whatever’s best for your program!

children playing puppet

“Parents and children have nothing but positive praise for Caravan Puppets! The children enjoy being a part of the show whether they are answering questions, holding a puppet, or marching in a musical parade as well as just watching in amazement as the puppets come to life with movement and whimsical voices. Parents enjoy that their children are learning about different traditions, eating healthy, or how fun it can be to use your imagination. One of Caravan’s strongest characteristics is their ability to read an audience. They continuously check in with the audience (without them knowing) to see if they need to go in another direction or continue the way they are going.

Caravan Puppets is one of our favorite entertainers here at Valuing Our Children.
We hope to continue working with them for years to come.”

Jennifer Aldrich
Early Childhood Coordinator
Valuing Our Children

Bring the magic of Caravan Puppets to your School!