Puppetry Residencies

Caravan’s residencies use puppetry as a doorway to the arc of a creative process.

This includes making age appropriate puppets, developing skits, practicing and performing.

Visualizing a goal, and working to  bring a project to fruition, can be an empowering and joyful experience that can help as a guide to completing any project!

The residency is formatted for K-6th grades with age appropriate activities. We have had great experiences adapting the residency to smaller and larger schools.

Teachers also gain experience working with puppetry in the classroom and our skit writing method.

Everyone takes home a puppet!

STARS Residencies (Massachusetts) are welcome! Please contact us to explore possibilities.

“Working with Jonathan and Karen was an absolute pleasure! I would highly recommend them for any future Mass Cultural Council Grants. We appreciate this opportunity for our school community!” 

Karen Albano, Principal, Ryan Road School, Florence MA

Unleash Creativity with Our Residency Program!

Experience the complete creative arc – *envision*, *create*,* practice*, and *perform!*

Everyone leaves with a puppet!