Caravan Puppets has delighted countless children at schools, museums, libraries and major festivals throughout the USA, Canada and Japan since 1991

Imagination Generators!

Caravan delights with wildly original puppets and inspiring programs! Be it a…..




Teacher Training

We’re all about inspiring creativity!!!

Puppets For Everyone!

Where puppets are called for… we will go! 

Be it schools, libraries, preschools, festivals, concerts, museums, mountaintops,  corporate or private events.

You need puppets?…             

We’ve got puppets!

Our goal is to inspire creativity with programs that leave a lasting impression.

We have a large (and ever-growing!) collection of stories, wildly creative hand crafted puppets and enticing assortment of enthralling productions!

We invite you take a look around our website, let your imagination go and let us know what your thinking!

We’d love to hear from you!



Residency students envision, create, practice and perform with their own puppets! STARS (MA) residency applications are welcome!

Puppet Making Workshops

Unleash your creativity! Make a puppet! We offer a variety of workshops for all ages. Be you 3 or 83..... EVERYONE TAKES HOME A PUPPET!

Teacher Training

Designs and tips for you and your students to create puppets and skits. The workshop also explores uses of puppetry and performance techniques


The Fox And The Grapes!

Greetings! We’re all stuck at home, we can’t bring Caravan to your schools concerts and libraries, so…. we’re giving our puppet videos, crafts, music and Caravan info to parents, educators

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Welcome to my creativity toolbox! Please note: THIS IS NOT A PUPPETRY SHOWCASE!!!! These short videos and activities are designed for early childhood enrichment! At the same time, in conjunction

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Bring Caravan to you!

We would love to share Caravan with you and yours!

Feel free to look around our site. If something strikes your fancy…. let us know! If something strikes your IMAGINATION…. lets talk! Creative input and ideas are how we grow!

Like the caravan’s of yore, we’ll pack up the old Prius (it’s a 2010) and swoop into your town bringing puppets and happiness!