The Fox And The Grapes!

Greetings! We’re all stuck at home, we can’t bring Caravan to your schools concerts and libraries, so…. we’re giving our puppet videos, crafts, music and Caravan info to parents, educators and community members through the web!

Please feel free forward this post with parents, educators and community members. The newsletter is designed to share some of the fruits of our 20+ years as journeyman artist/educators.

I have added a subscription button an I plan to shift over to sending only to subscribers after a few of these posts.

The Fox And The Grapes has been a Caravan Puppets favorite for many years!

I’ve also included my finger play, “Wash Those Hands!“. Finger play’s (such as “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Open Shut Them”) can be a fantastic door to creativity for young children. Making a fist, with two finger bunny ear fingers doesn’t just develop small motor control. With imagination, children can projcet rabbit movement, setting, even feeling to become the bunny! Reciting simple poems helps a child develop language skills, social skills by speaking and moving together.

We will be following up with frequent posts filled with puppet skits, craft and finger-play ideas.

We welcome feedback and sharing!

all the best to you,

Jonathan Keezing, Caravan Puppets.