Welcome to my creativity toolbox!

Please note: THIS IS NOT A PUPPETRY SHOWCASE!!!! These short videos and activities are designed for early childhood enrichment! At the same time, in conjunction with the finger-play activity, I’m hoping that kids will enjoy the video’s. Let me know!

We all relate to certain ages. For me it’s early childhood, roughly one to seven.
This blog is a distillation of my (thirty plus!) years developing creative tools, techniques, curriculum, fun and pleasantries for kids.

Sharing (your imput!) is encouraged!

Animal ABC! Finger-Play!

We’ll be unfolding my finger-play “Animal ABC!” as an ongoing theme (expect 26 installments!).
Ahhh…. finger-play!!! primal poetry! I have found finger-play to be a fantastic door to creativity. Making a fist, with two finger bunny ear fingers doesn’t just create a bunny shape for youngsters. With a bit of focus, a child (or the odd adult) can become the bunny. Projecting rabbit movement, setting, even feeling. Reciting simple poems helps a child develop language skills, social skills by speaking and moving together. Plus… finger-play’s help to develop small motor control. Anyhow… we’ll return to bunny’s when we get to “R”.