Festivals and Civic Events

Caravan has a wide selecton of activities to enhance festivals!

 Performances – Flexible staging, large puppets, loads of interaction and programs that contain a series of short skits make for a happy festival crowd! We can tailor stories to your event! We have programming for events of every size!

We can also bring:

The Instant Puppet TheaterOur self contained puppet theater/ tent creates a small (magical) enclosed space in the midst of any festival! Great for young children and families.

Wandering Puppets – Our larger  puppets can wander about… enhancing the  jolly vibes of any festival!

As a special and unique treat, we can also, perform short skits for families and small groups while wandering festival grounds with our suitcase puppet theater.

The Puppet Garden Of Delight! Caravan’s puppet carnival where kids make puppets, then put them on such rides as the puppet whirly-gig, the puppet merry-go-round, the puppet trebuchet and the puppet zip-wire!

– Parades! We can make puppets large and small with your attendees, or bring a large collection for your event!

All of these activities can be mixed and matched to make your event unique and puppet-tastic!

Wandering Puppets!

Instant Puppet Theater!

Playing in the Puppet Garden Of Delight!

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The Puppet Garden Of Delight!

Be it a giant puppet parade for Greenfield’s Green River Festival, The Puppet Garden Of Delight at Easthampton’s (MA) “Cultural Chaos (8 years running), Glastonbury’s (CT) Apple Festival, The Iida (Japan) World Puppet Festival, or Northampton’s (MA) First Night, the puppets (and puppeteer’s) are ready to go!

We have the staging, puppets, tents, sound and activities for the largest and the smallest events!

Glowing references are readily available! available.


Anyone can make a puppet!

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Bring the magic of Caravan Puppets to your Community!