Journey To The Moon!

Astronaut Alta takes an epic journey to the moon in our fact-filled musical fantasy!

Join (puppet) Astronaut Alta on her epic trip to the moon!

This fact-filled musical fantasy comes complete with interactive music, spaceships and some of our wildest puppets… aliens!

Journey To The Moon! features hand-crafted puppets, beautiful staging, rollicking original music, interaction and humor!

The program is made up of five parts:

Blast Off! – Astronaut Alta prepares for her journey

The Aliens’ Land – A silly alien space ship is stranded on Earth…. only Astronaut Alta can help!

The Moon – Landing on and exploring the moon, including a moon buggy ride, and a (not scary) space monster!

The Journey Home – A bumpy ride, featuring moving in zero gravity.

Heroes Back Home! – Astronaut Alta and her crew (your audience!) are greeted with songs and a parade.


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