Around the World

A magical trip around the world with multi-cultural folktales!

Featuring classic, multi-cultural folk tales which showcase the magic of a good story for young readers.

Climb aboard the Caravan for a magical trip around the world with classic international puppet tales!

Audiences are treated to a wide diversity of puppets and puppetry styles with beautiful staging and original music. Some stories are interactive, all have positive messages! Selections (4-5 skits) are drawn from the following stories:

The Chickens egg – A clever chicken convinces a farmer’s wife to  return its egg. With hand puppets. An interactive tale, India

Anansi and the Snake – Anansi the Spider tricks snake to become the owner of all stories and a giant colorful snake puppet. Africa

Lion and the Mouse – Giant Lion scorns the tiny mouse, till only mouse can help him. Greece

The Sleeping Dragon – Little mouse tries to wake the biggest dragon with inappropriate methods. Finally, with audience help, a whisper works where all else fails. Hand, and a unique lap puppet are used. Asia.

Tokoyo – A young girl uses her talents to rescue her grandfather (from a sea monster!) in this classic Japanese fairy tale. Japan.

The Three Little Pigs – A classic performed with a large dose of silliness. Europe

Fox and the Grapes – A hilarious take of Aesop’s fable presented with glove and finger puppets. Ancient Greece


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