Four Season Bear

The delightful tale of the year of a young bear.

Caravan’s original puppet musical tells the delightful tale of the year of a young bear with memorable songs, beautiful puppets, storytelling, and movement.

Four Season Bear is a fun gentle introduction to the seasons for children. The program is also a great introduction to puppetry, with hand, shadow rod, and finger puppets.

Four Season Bear comes complete with memorable songs, playful puppets, loads of interaction, heart and humor.

Segments of the show include:

Wake Up! – The bear (and children) arise with the spring time.

Tortoise Walks – The playful summer bear tries to enlist a tortoise in his fun. Featuring a beautifully painted tortoise puppet and finger play.

The Bear and The Bees – Fall-time bear climbs a tree, and tries to steal honey.

Mouse and Mole – Winter bear is awakened from hibernation by a mouse and mole seeking refuge from the cold.


The Four Season Bear

The Bear and The Bee’s

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From Caravan Puppets show: THE FOUR SEASON BEAR. The bear tries to raid a bee hive in Caravan's tales of the year of a bear.


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