From Page To Stage

Favorites from children’s literature brought to the puppet stage!

Caravan brings beloved children’s stories and characters to the puppet stage.

From Page To Stage brings the joys of reading and drama to young readers (or soon to be!). From Page To Stage features beautiful handcrafted puppets, original music and great stories! Some skits are interactive; all have positive messages! There are four skits in a program.

Stories can include:

The Fox and the Grapes – A hilarious take on Aesop’s classic fable presented with glove and finger puppets. Ancient Greece

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel – Caravan’s telling of one of the great diggers in children’s literature. USA

The Little Engine That Could – The little engine overcomes doubts and fears to bring toys to the children on the other side of the mountain. USA

The Three Little Pigs – A classic fairytale performed with a large dose of silliness. Europe

Anansi and the Snake – Anansi the Spider tricks snake to become the owner of all stories. With loads of interaction, and a giant colorful snake puppet. Africa

The Sleeping Dragon – Little mouse tries to wake the biggest dragon with inappropriate methods. Finally, with audience help, a whisper works where all else fails. China.

Lion and the Mouse – Giant Lion scorns the tiny mouse, till only a mouse can help him. Ancient Greece

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Caravan Puppets telling of Rev. Charles S. Wings tale (actually a sermon!) "The Little Engine That Could".

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