Halloween Tales of Mystery

Tales of inexplicable mystery to celebrate the Halloween season!

Featuring (not too scary) tales of inexplicable mystery to celebrate the Halloween season!

Caravan makes classic literature enjoyable, and understandable with artful humor and age appropriate puppetry. Audiences are treated to a wide diversity of puppets and puppetry styles with beautiful staging and original music.

Four stories are drawn from the selection below for each program.

The Boy Who Drew Cats – A boy finds his life path and saves his village with his art. With shadow puppets. Japan.

Anansi and the Snake – Anansi the Spider tricks snake to become the owner of all stories. With loads of interaction and a giant colorful snake puppet. Africa

The Lion And The Mouse – Giant Lion likes to scare smaller animals. One day, he learns that even a tiny mouse can help him. Aesopʼs Fables

The Sleeping Dragon – Little dragon tries to wake the biggest dragon. Finally, with audience help, a whisper works where all else fails. Hand puppets and a unique lap puppet are used. China

Tokoyo – A brave girl rescues her father from a sea monster in this classic Japanese fairy tale. Japan


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