Hurray For Esther!

Our joyful, interactive, VERY SILLY version of the Megallah. Featuring original puppets and songs!

Caravan’s VERY silly, gentle Purim spiel Hurray For Esther! celebrates Purim with puppetry, music and song! Caravan’s telling of The Book Of Esther features a diversity of puppets and puppetry styles with beautiful staging, rollicking original music, interaction and humor! The program is a great fit for young children and families.

Program highlights include:

The Search For A Queen – Mordecai brings many silly choices to King Ahasuerus (including frogs and bunny rabbits). At last, he asks his cousin Ester if she would marry the king and protect the Jewish people.

Do You Like My Hat? – The grumpy bad guy Haman (who always gets booed!) tries to get Mordecai to bow down to him, and to compliment his three-sided hat.

The Plan – Queen Esther considers many ridiculous plans (which the audience helps to reject), such as putting Haman in a rocket ship.

The Party – Instead of the Jews being “in trouble” (which is Haman’s plan in our telling), Haman gets “in trouble”! The scene comes complete with (age appropriate) slapstick comedy!

Hurray For Esther! – A triumphant Purim parade with kids carrying puppets!

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