Jewish Programs

Our programs for major holidays and celebrations feature Jewish folktales, biblical stories and skits that highlight traditions and rituals that are meaningful for young children.

Caravan has a strong, and long-standing connection to Jewish folklore and education.

As well as decades of performances, Jonathan Keezing taught music and creative movement in Jewish settings for many years. This provided a fantastic opportunity to develop Caravan’s repertoire of Jewish stories and music.

We find our stories in jewish folklore, biblical tales parables and Jewish literature

Our varied, and ever-growing Jewish programming brings us to a wide variety of Jewish audiences, and settings regularly. We love learning about, teaching, and creating programs within Judaism’s rich traditions.

Tales From Bubbes Kitchen (preK – 3rd grades) – Wondrous Jewish folk-tales for younger children.

Yankel The Dreamer (3rd – 6th grades) – Our folk-tales collection for older elementary audiences.

Sholom and Motl – Our Sholom Aleichem program explores the immigrant experience. This program is a perfect pick for festivals and large events.

Tales For The New Year! – Tales For Rosh Hashanah, The High Holy Days, and Yom Kippur.

Lets Make A Sukkah! – Our harvest celebration, which includes building a puppet Sukkah in just two minutes!

Latkes For Everyone! – A Hanukkah celebration with folktales, contemporary tales, and Yiddish song!

The RACE From Egypt! – Caravan’s lighthearted telling of the Passover story. With original songs and LOADS of puppets!

Hurray For Esther! – Our joyful, interactive, VERY SILLY Purim Spiel. Featuring original puppets and songs!

Shavuot Stories – Celebrating Shavuot with tales of new beginnings, wisdom, and love.

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