Let’s Make A Sukkah!

A Hanukkah celebration with folktales, contemporary tales, and yiddish songs!

Celebrate Sukkot with tales and songs to celebrate the harvest season and Sukkot traditions.

The Let’s Make A Sukkah program features beautiful hand-crafted puppets, original music, loads of interaction, heart and humor!

Let’s Make a Sukkah!  – Features the (puppet) construction of a (puppet) sukkah in less the two minutes!

The Fox in the Vineyard – In this story from the Midrash, the greedy fox tries to sneak  into the vineyard, but it costs him more to get the grapes than they are worth!

Bubbe Isabella and the Sukkot Cake – Bubbe Isabella is ready for Sukkot, but she has no one share her sukkah with. The guests that do stop by are various members of the animal kingdom! But on the very last day, Bubbe gets a surprise visitor.

The Etrog That Smelled Like Eden – On the way to buy an expensive etrog, a man spends his savings to help someone in need, and is rewarded for his good deed in a surprising way!

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