Our Flying Friends!

Classic fables, told with heart, humor and beautiful puppets!

Imaginations take flight with Caravan’s Our Flying Friends!

We’ve combed our repertoire and found a wealth of stories and puppets to celebrate flight. From the prehistoric, to the avian, to the skies of our imaginations, Our Flying Friends!  first and foremost celebrates flights of creativity!

Stories can include:

Make Way For Ducklings – Mrs, Mallard must brave the dangers of city life to find a good home for her ducklings. USA

The Fox And The Crow – The fox tricks the vain crow to win back a stolen piece of bread. Moral: You don’t have to be the best at everything!

Pegasus – Our heroes, Bellerophon and the beautiful winged horse Pegasus, team up to rid the land of the terrible Chimera. Greek Myth

The Three Pterodactyl Eggs – Jazz and puppets come together with this humorous tale of pterodactyl hatching. A giant mother pterodactyl finishes the tale. Original

Caterpillar Wants To Fly – Little caterpillar dreams of flying. Others say that it will never happen, but…. big dreams can come true! Original


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