Tales From Bubbe’s Kitchen

Wondrous Jewish folk-tales for younger children.

Stories for a Shabbos Night

It’s Caravan’s ever-growing collection of Jewish folk stories as puppet tales for young audiences and families!

Tales From Bubbes Kitchen is a wonderful introduction to Jewish folktales and culture. The program is perfect for

  • Shabbat celebrations
  • Family Events
  • Festivals
  • Pk – 3rd classrooms or assemblies

A wondrous collection of Jewish folk tales. Audiences are treated to a wide diversity of puppets and puppetry styles with beautiful staging and original music. Some stories are highly interactive: all have positive messages!

Our large repertoire (and love of finding new tales!) has enabled us to create many programs for requested themes and settings. Scroll down for a partial list of the themes we have presented…

The Fox in the Vineyard – In this story from the Midrash, the greedy fox tries to sneak into the vineyard, but it costs him more to get the grapes than they are worth!

The Crowded House – A farmer complains to the rabbi that his house is too crowded, with hilarious results and a happy solution. An interactive story with finger puppets.

No Bears In Amherst – Bear is hungry and grumpy. It takes a Bubbe to realize that he’s actually lonely!

Rabbi Adam and the Magic Well – Rabbi Adam, a Jewish folk hero, rescues his people from the evil vizier in the tale from the classic folk tale book Miriam’s Tambourine. An interactive tale (kids hold puppets!) with finger and hand puppets.

Yankel the Dreamer – All Yankel wants is wealth! he follows his dreams, and learns that the importance of wealth is to be generous.

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