The Emerald Isle!

Stories, myths, music, and legends from Ireland’s rich cultural heritage.

Featuring magical creatures, brave heroes and heroines, excitement, and fun! Caravan’s journey to the Emerald Isle is a great introduction to the wonders of Ireland for young children. Audiences are treated to a wide diversity of puppets and puppetry styles with beautiful staging and original music. Some stories are interactive, all have positive messages!

The Dragon Jig – Children learn to dance a simplified jig with this fun original song played on guitar.

The Princess and The Monsters – A clever princess saves her father and their castle in this interactive (kids hold the puppets!) story!

King O’Toole and His Goose – The King saves his goose – and himself – by keeping his word.

The Clever Leprechaun – A leprechaun tricks a greedy fellow with a clever twist on the truth!

George Brannagan – A story and classic Irish ballad by Ireland’s national composer, Turlough O’Carolan, played on the Irish harp

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